With a simple menu of 16 dishes consisting of everything from South East Asian, Caribbean to the good old fashioned Full English I was expecting big things for my first visit to Cook Daily a week ago.

Built on the premise that all dishes on the menu are cooked fresh each day, the reality is that many of the dishes are in limited supply. Given its popularity, and its busy Shoreditch location, when we arrived to take our order at around 18:45pm last Thursday evening, the majority of the dishes were already sold out! And sadly all those I’d had my eye on, as I queued to place my order, had proved to be the most desired dishes, as none of them were available. I decided to opt for a Jungle Curry figuring it would pack a punch, and my friend ordered the Pad Thai.

Cook Daily’s Jungle Curry

Unfortunately we were both left rather disappointed. Both dishes didn’t compete with the multitude of Thai dishes readily available across the capital whether in chains like Busaba and Wagamama’s or independents like Som Saa. In all honesty I found the curry to be rather bland. I wanted depth of flavour, but it felt to me like the dish had misses some cooking time.

Perhaps due to the speed in which they churn out these bowls, the flavour doesn’t quite have that oomph you expect from honest home cooked food. It was great to give the mock chicken a go, the first time I’ve tried something so realistic before.

Cook Daily – Box Park Shoreditch

What did impress was the pricing. All of the vegan bowls were priced £8.50, very reasonable for a main course in London. There are cocktails priced + £20 nowadays, so it’s refreshing when something is really good value. They also offer Meal Deals, which is a genius way of bolting on a few extras like a smoothie or 4 mini spring rolls.

I really also liked the sound of their special; a play on the classic Wagamama Katsu curry. I wasn’t sure if it was an official collaboration given the Wagamama branding on the chalk board, however it sounded incredible and definitely a dish worth trying their mock chicken for. I hope it is available next time!

Would I go back? Probably yes. Am I in a hurry to return? Definitely not. There is every chance I caught them on an off day, and maybe I was simply unlucky with my choice. Despite my view there is no denying that Cook Daily is making an absolute killing at the moment. They’ve obviously got something right.

Art Eats Review:

Food 5/10

Service 4/10

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