A new edition to the Art Eats Blog will be my Vegan Diaries feature. I’ve decided it is time to come out of hiding, from behind my keyboard, and start to post more personalised reviews about my experience of eating a plant based diet, both in London, and when I travel abroad.

I have made the decision to front my blog in the hope that I will build more of a rapport with my readers, and also aid them in making better decisions about the food that they eat. It is still not 100% easy to adopt a completely plant based lifestyle in big cities, however things are getting better with so many more Vegan restaurants opening all the time. Plus it is considerably more enjoyable once you make that leap. I will least out all my personal experiences of the benefits in another post soon.

My ambition is to start posting a mix of Vlog and Blog posts, to keep things nice and fresh. I have never Vlogged before, and feel actually pretty nervous about it, so please bear with me as I try and learn how to make my love for food translate via another medium.

So without further ado I bring you my first Vegan Diaries Review of The Vurger Co in Shoreditch East London.

Hi this is me, Gabriella. I’ve been writing reviews for Art Eats for two years now, and feel it’s time to come out from behind the camera and start sharing more personal experiences of eating a plant based diet in the big city.

Described as a ‘soul satisfying burger’,  The Vurger Co only came by my radar a matter of weeks ago, via a friend on Instagram.  All of the products on the menu are 100% vegan, with every burgers made from 100% vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and legumes.

Now i’m not really an advocate for Vegan fast food generally, the idea of fake cheese, and mock meats has felt a bit off-putting for a long time, however I’m starting to realise four months into my plant based diet that you sometimes have to get your fix, especially as you transition. What i’ve found, having travelled a fair bit these last two months, is that when you are forced to eat the real deal, due to lack of availability, it doesn’t cut it anymore. Not only has my palate changed since switching my eating habits, but so is the way my body responds to dairy and animal products.

I used to love a burger and a milkshake every so often, but now it would just leave me in agony. It’s not worth the guilt either, which is obviously self-inflicted, but there is no need to beat myself up about slipping up. It’s all part of the journey. Because of this, I have a new found respect for the food and meat alternatives. I wouldn’t actively go out of my way to make vegan fried chicken or bacon at home, preferring to opt for raw salad options, or simple greens and grains, however it’s definitely something to consider as a treat. All hail to the plant based junk!

A plant based diet can be fun!

There are four burgers on the menu at The Vurger Co, and a good choice of sides. You can even opt to have the patty served bun free, in a bowl with a salad.

We decided to split our burgers in half, my friend opting for the Mediterranean sounding MLT and myself unable to resist the Mexican flavours of the Holy Habanero. I think there is a tendency for people to think that a plant based burger has to be really heavy, however these two burgers were really light. The corn fritter of the Habanero, had a sort of creamy flavour which complemented the sweet slaw and spicy mayo perfectly. Who knew pesto was such a great accompaniment to the deeper flavours of mushrooms and beans. Yum, yum, yum! The Banana Caramel milkshake was also a dream, you can also check out their weekly special milkshake on the board.

We’d got to the restaurant quite early, so it was pretty quiet when we arrived, however it was completely full by the time we left. The staff were super friendly an accommodating given my friend and I were having a rather long catch up that day, we didn’t feel any pressure to leave. Plus it’s always a great sign when the staff at a restaurant rave about the food so much. You can tell that the team love the product, and love working there.

The restaurant is situated on Richmix square in Shoreditch, a couple of doors down from the Byron Burger there. When you’re next on the hunt for a burger in East London, why not switch it up and check out The Vurger Co instead. It will definitely not disappoint!

Art Eats Food 8/10

Art Eats Drinks 7/10

Art Eats Service 10/10

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